Video premiere: Romain Frequency – ‘Perfect Blue’

Romain Frequency releases ´Research on a Nameless Colour´: a collection of 7 synthetic and contemplative pieces of instrumental music. This meditative first solo album was inspired by the reading of Derek Jarman´s final collection of essays ´Chroma´(1994), written while struggling with illness (facing the irony of an artist going blind). It triggered the composition of 7 tracks devoted to an unexisting colour and its attendant emotion.

Impossible colours.
Have you ever questioned yourself about the colour of space, the shade of weariness or the tint of wind? This beautiful collection of contemplative interpretations of impossible colours will beckon you to the world of the unseen. No, this is not your average dance record of the winter but the perfect companion to the meditative and healing retreat you might appreciate to chill to.

Photo by Moritz Grewenig

Research on a nameless colour should be experienced as the soundtrack to an emotional journey through the spectrum of the invisible light. This instrumental effort is the first solo album by Romain frequency, once the half of Dear Strange, and also the mastermind behind the Electrosexual project.

Light black, the opening track to the album infuses ominus shades of black into a galactic-like ambient void. The journey has begun and it’s going to take you through seven chimerical tones, appearing from unmindful contrast effects.

Whether you wish to feel, whether you yearn for seeing, whether you crave some connection to the emotional, Research on a nameless colour should treat you to nothing but inspiration and intensity.

Text by Emily White
The cover art of the album and single is by Geraldine Arnold

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