Video Premiere: Rosa Anschütz – ‘Goldener Strom’

Rosa Anschütz unveils her stunning album along with the video of the title cut, which epitomizes the artist’s impeccable talent. Her new LP ‘Goldener Strom’, out now via Ellen Allien’s imprint BPitch Control, encapsulates an uncanny ability to craft songs that strike the balance between a delicate beauty and the often brutal power of electronic sonics. The single utilizes pumping beats and imposing sound like a counter to Rosa’s soothing vocals. Its heavyweight low end is distorted and captivating, while the vocals offer a beautifully haunting contrast, exuding harmony and emotion. 

we shot in total four videos with a great team in gent this year and this is the end. this is where the stream ends for the time being, the release of the album. i see this day as one to let go, to let the music flow on it’s own. with a self-determined choreography i give an image and a stage for this track. I think if you stay true to yourself, you choose the waves you ride on.

This is Rosa Anschütz all around, creating music that circumvents the standard blueprint while maintaining its sonic appeal. ‘Goldener Strom’ gives us a powerful introduction to an LP that steps outside of the norm and cements Rosa Anschütz’s position as an artist who crafts inventive, emotive, and utterly enchanting electronic music.



Goldener Strom is out now on BPitch Control: