Video Premiere: Rosa Anschütz – ‘Rigid’

Trans-media artist, composer, and vocalist Rosa Anschütz presents an anxiety-inducing journey through the virtual spaces of online world Second Life in her video for ‘Rigid’. Taken from the forthcoming EP of the same name, coming out on Quiet Love, May 24th, Rosa delves into a wide range of electronica sub-genres, including techno, noise, experimental and even the softer end of industrial. With the added singer-songwriter component and lyrical content, her music opens up to become more relatable and presents a clear sound forged by an artist with a refined taste and a focused vision. ‘Rigid’ was written between Berlin and Vienna and recorded in Berlin, with the assistance of producer and pianist Jan Wagner. 

“Feeling anxiety and numbness are both important to me, and I face them often in my daily life. It’s my duty to explore them and find their origin so that I can choose to overcome them or keep them, depending on the situation. I think that this is a way of learning something about myself.”
— Rosa Anschütz

Rigid is a personal EP. It’s a patchwork made of daily notes, dreams, nightmares and loose ruminations on life – stitched together with analogue synths and thick, cavernous reverbs. It’s also a great example of the type of music that humanises the sounds of machines, in many ways harking back to the beginning of electronica, although nothing outside of the actual feel is vintage here. The production is warm, fleshy, with carefully sculpted spaces. The vocals are mesmeric, oscillating between spoken word, singing and “voice as strings.” All of this, sum total, makes for the perfect (non)place to get lost in. Think of a rigid body thrown into Quiet Love the torrents of a stream of consciousness, it could be you.