Video Premiere: SAAD – ‘Blondes Vibe Better’

Stockholm-based pals SAAD share a delightfully tongue-in-cheek video for ‘Blondes Vibe Better‘. The new pop project from longtime friends, musicians and artists Saga West (Dolores Haze) and Adam Odelfelt (Tella Viv, TVc) puts a spin on the darker tales of life using overexaggerated 80s synthesizers with playful lyrics and humworthy melodies. Speaking about their debut single the duo said, “Blondes Vibe Better is about vanity, and about trying to fit in. About someone who realizes that it gets more free alcohol at the pub if it is blonde and is ready to change everything for that lifestyle. There’s a bit of social criticism, satire and humor in there... The video describes a playful fantasy gone to far. It’s about control and getting what you want. It’s a love story with a dark, twisted angle.”

Originating in Stockholm, the two take you on a journey exploring pop themes with bubbling arpeggio synthesizers, happy melodies and dreamy textures. The two originally met in a park about six years ago and have remained friends up to this day. In early 2019 they met up in a studio and began to write together and that collaboration resulted in SAAD.

“We’ve been close friends for a long time but never had a band together, it all started in a bar where we after two beers and a shared tray of French fries decided to do a session together – and after that we realized it was a perfect match.” 

With West as lead singer, the Dolores Haze drummer introduces us to previously unknown sides of herself, in sound worlds created by Odelfelt. 

“SAADs songs could be described as pop songs with a twist. We really like alternative music so we try to implement that a lot. We going to collaborate with some really amazing people soon, and keep creating modern expressions with love for the eighties.”.

With songs such as Blondes Vibe Better, Blinded and Not Much To Do, 2019 will give us two singles and an EP from the newly-founded duo, released on Despotz Records and booking live shows through their agent FKP Scorpio.