Seleminga © Jetmir Idrizi

Video Premiere: Seleminga – ‘629’(Sonokine remix)

629 is merging the world of the two multi-disciplinary artists Sonokine and Seleminga. It displays the brutality of relationships in Berlin. The track, with its rough, techno sonorities is directly emerging from concrete, the main inspiration of Seleminga for this project.

She criticises with the first release of her upcoming album BRUTTO how the constant presence of concrete is transforming us: « I wanted to express how much we are consuming sex and love in Berlin. We allow very little time to others, no matter how much we like them. The clock seems to control us, and once in a while, it is giving us some cuddles. Also, the essence of a relationship should be to be spontaneous, free and natural. But here, I guess like in a lot of cities, we consume sex like a cold dish delivered by someone we will never remember/know the name of. » The video of 629 is a little miracle thanks to Chanel and the long queues in Berghain.

Sonokine © Landon Nordeman

Sonokine and Seleminga met during shooting and were supposed to go clubbing together with Tommaso Bassetti, the second dancer. Discouraged by the queue they talked about music and decided to make a music video for 629 instead: « The process was extremely easy! ». Seleminga had the idea of two people fighting as if they were dancing, Sonokine did all the rest. In the video that he created, we see the bodies of Tommaso and Seleminga interacting in a semi-aggressive, semisexual way. The landscape is rough and cold, so the movements of the two protagonists create a warmth that contrasts with this context.

Seleminga © Jetmir Idrizi

As we get close to them, we can almost feel the tension from the motion of their skin. The texture of the video gives the impression to be in a video game, to dehumanised a bit more these two lost dancers. During the editing of the video, Sonokine also gave his interpretation of 629 with a remix of the original that he used for the video. To sum up, this project shows the beauty of the unpredictable in a highly regulated world.

Music video
– Sonokine @sonokine.sonokine
DOP – Sonokine @sonokine.sonokine
CASTING – Tommaso Bassetti @tommasobst and Seleminga @sele.minga
STYLING – Seleminga @sele.minga
EDITING Maxime Gillier @maximegillier_pro – Sonokine @sonokine.sonokine
COLOR GRADING – Sonokine @sonokine.sonokine Song: 629 (Sonokine remix)
Composed and produced by Seleminga @sele.minga
Vocals by Fionn Kenne-O’Connell @fionnoconnell and Seleminga @sele.minga
Remixed by Sonokine @sonokine.sonokine
Mastered by Enyang Urbiks @enyang_enyang from Urbiks Music @urbiks__music
Pictures Sonokine by Landon Nordeman @landonnordeman
Seleminga by Jetmir Idrizi @jetmiridrizi_jetko
Lace outfit by Sireno @x_sireno_x

Seleminga on Soundcloud
Instagram: @sele.minga