Video Premiere: Shybits – Crying

We are celebrating today the release of CRYING from Shybits. A Brighton / Berlin based three piece made up from members from UK, South Africa and Italy and formed in Berlin. “Crying is about a moment of nostalgic romance – mistaking a lover crying unnecessary tears. The opening line invites you into an awkward but slightly humorous and ironic scenario. The chorus sing along paints a moment of sweet teenage romance lingering on the tip of the tongue where the taste of lipstick brings back memories of a sweet but short lived relationship.”

Single Release: 11.10.2019 via Duchess Box Records
Shybits: a small piece, part, or quantity of something, nervous or timid in the company of other people.

Berlin based trio Shybits formed in 2017 and quickly elevated themselves as a scene band before being picked up by Duchess Box Records. One EP and one single later the band release their new single Crying ahead of their forthcoming tour with Gurr.

A mish-mash of post punk, psych, grunge, surf, garage, harmonies and yelling, Shybits lead a new sound from Berlin with South African Meghan on the drums and Italian born Piero on the bass in support of British frontman Liam who holds it all together with the guitar and lead vocals.

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The band will be ontour with Gurr in December
17.12.2019 Hansa 39, München – DE /w Gurr
18.12.2019 Groovestation, Dresden – DE /w Gurr
19.12.2019 Columbia Theater, Berlin – DE /w Gurr