Video Premiere: Sijya – ’52’

Following the release of her debut EP Young Hate on Matthew Herbert’s Accidental Records, audio-visual artist Sijya drops a video for ’52’ by filmmaker Annette Jacob. “This was actually the first song I finished from the EP,” explains Sijya. “I kind of had a fear of finishing you know, so ’52’ went through months and months of revisions, and I think I finished a whole small notebook overthinking the lyrics for this. I loved the production too much, to mess it up with the wrong words, but it was all just anxiety. When Annette came on board to make the video, we wanted to make something abstract but bold. Abstract things can often feel mellow, atleast for me. We worked with layers of surfaces–skin, plastic, paint, metal and made them dance to the song.”

Young Hate naturally follows on from the promise of that early single and reveals the full picture of Sijya as an artist with a strong, self-realised creative stamp. Across the 6 bittersweet, downtempo tracks, Sijya positions herself as an honest, introspective artist committed to originality without sacrificing emotional impact. The EP features music draped in laconic, minor key chord blooms underpinned by loping, scuffed beats and rounded low-end.

Sijya has a strong presence in the New Delhi music scene thanks to her work as a trained graphic designer, especially working closely with local platform She released her first track, ‘Have To Make My Bed’ in late 2021, on the widely acclaimed SUCHI Selects compilation.


Young Hate is out now: