Video Premiere: siXren – Butterfly FX

Butterfly FX is the first single from the debut Chrome Code EP by siXren. The track is an experimental mix of trap, hiphop and mantra, setting a dark yet upbeat mood. Exuding queer, clubby and witchy vibes, it is a portal into the siXren universe conveying a message of empowerment.

The highly-stylized music video features otherworldly and alien-like styling, with Mugler garments, with metallic flair and posthuman features. The music video and the accompanying series of artworks are made in collaboration with Rotterdam-based queer visual artist Rik Versteeg.

siXren @sixren11
Agnes Momirski @agnes_momirski

Butterfly FX is the rush of that alignment, that feeing of invincibility – conveying the element of air, the feeling of hyper windy oneness with everything.

siXren is a genre-bending music project by Agnes Momirski, linking her visual and sonic works. Her debut EP Chrome Code is set to release on the 22.3.2022, conveying a clubby mix of hiphop with hooks like incantations, sensual club spells, futuristic and otherworldly rap anthems.

Agnes Momirski is an interdisciplinary artist, Mercurial spellcaster, performer, musician, based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Focusing on the posthuman condition she creates multimedia visual, music and sound collaborations across disciplines – Chrome Code is her first plunge into the music waters, with accompanying visual artworks by Rik Versteeg and a body-morphing siXren fashion line by Brencha.

Upcoming events

22.3.2022 – launch of Chrome Code EP website, with audiovisual experiences.

siXren @sixren11
Agnes Momirski @agnes_momirski

Cover shot in collab with @studiorikversteeg

Fashion @muglerofficial @brencha_official
Mastering @jammin_masters_mastering
MUA @sukubratz
PA @magdalenahvpetrova
Jewelry @luckythejeweler
Hair @shukazami
Nails – @nallie_nailss