Video Premiere: Tatum Rush – ‘Mini Girls’

With the single ‘Mini Girls’, Tatum Rush evokes an improbable contemporary archetype: Late-teen/neo-twenties girls willingly or unwillingly drawn to things like menthol cigarettes, drinking, kissing, Chris Marker documentaries, post-colonialism, Uber, Instagram, continental philosophy, yoga tutorials, swag hats, memes, older people, Sorbonne professors, high-ceiling apartments, fur, hypnotists… Tatum Rush. The video clip was shot in Paris, produced by Collection, directed by Mathieu Cacheux, written by Mathieu Cacheux and Tatum Rush and stars Vera Derrida, Claire Laffut (GUM Records), Aomi Muyock (Love, 2015 G. Noé), Dylan Ezékiel Nelson (Rock Men agency, Salmone), Mica Smadja, Matilda Kime, Antonin Schopfer, et Leonor Oberson.

Tatum Rush’s immediately-lovable pop music and smooth disco-snake persona appear on the surface of a shiny canvas, with an oblique cut down the middle à la Lucio Fontana. If you look through the slit you might perceive a very different image, that of an anachronistic bon vivant slouched on a sofa reading apparently serious literature while sipping on rosé wine. Many might conclude that the most intriguing aspect in the portrait of Tatum Rush is ultimately the cut on the canvas itself.

Given the extremely high commercial potential of the song, the lyrics consciously stay allusive and simply evoke images of girls in Mini Coopers waving handbags out of windows while boys show off tattoos and drive Chevrolets, but if you play the track backwards there is a hidden Osho quote (hint: it’s in the infrabass). In the introductory film there is a musical reference to a previous infamous Tatum Rush single entitled Buong Thong (available only on YouTube).

Tatum Rush is a Swiss/American/Italian music and performance artist based between Milan, Paris, and Lausanne. His debut album “Guru Child” was released in 2015 by Pulver und Asche Records. His new EP Mini Girls scheduled for fall 2017 will feature very special artists including legendary Zap Mama. Tatum Rush’s live shows are characterized by the presence of his large entourage and fits an underground NY noise club as much as it fits an aristocratic wedding in Dubai.