Video Premiere: Teddy Failure – Change

#NewSound – Swedish producer duo TeoFrans are thrilled to share Teddy Failure: a concept and musical project that spotlights the universal transition from youth to adulthood. Their new single “Change,” a heartening blend of nuanced samples and nostalgia, released today via Columbia Germany, along with a visceral, moody video set in Berlin. 

Through music and visuals inspired by coming-of-age and social media tropes, Teddy Failure crystallizes our transcending growing experiences: the fiery itches of attraction, the transition into independence, and the chaotic dances of communication when words fail us. It celebrates the defining period of selfhood by giving all the main characters an airing.

Teddy Failure will drop releases throughout 2020 to form a rousing collection of music exploring themes including empathy, love, loneliness, and identity. 

About TeoFrans: Stockholm natives Teodor Runsiö and Frans Torell have established themselves as one of Sweden’s brightest writing and producing duos. With a roster of collaborators including LOVA, Naaz, Bearson, Rhys, Felix Sandman, and Eli, they’ve proved they’re right at home producing records that speak from the heart of contemporary culture. 

Teddy Failure, their innovative venture into a new platform, embodies a storyteller for anyone growing up and wanting to feel alive.