Video Premiere: VEE – ‘Innocence’

We’re excited to introduce VEE: the latest trip-hop/ future R&B project to come straight out of Germany. Transitioning from avant-garde fashionista to atmospheric vocalist, Yulie has already made waves in the fashion industry with her own label, Distressed Dolls. With her very first single ‘Innocence’, we immerse ourselves fully into Yulie’s haunting musical vision. A smooth, sullen downtempo record that dives deep into the state of a fragile, unrequited love, ‘Innocence’ provides us with an introspective look into who exactly VEE is. Her beautifully constructed electro-ambient vocals intertwine perfectly with multidisciplinary designer Nikita von Teickenberg’s 3D vs 2D vision of VEE’s ‘Innocence’. VEE has also kindly offered ‘Innocence’ as a free download available via “pay with a post”, where you can download the song from SoundCloud after sharing the video on Facebook – this is limited to the first 100 so get sharin’ here!

The video—directed and edited by Nikita von Teickenberg, a multidisciplinary designer based in Hanover, Germany—literally breaks all boundaries and conventions by utilizing a 2D setting behind 3D performers. This allows for a graphical space where the two seem to contrast in a collective aesthetic. “It’s to kinda give you that feeling that you’re disconnected from the outside world because you can no longer relate, so you flee into your own world when you’re in such emotional distress. The couple in the video seems frozen in poses inspired by Greek/Roman statues and they never really touch – symbolizing the distance between them and that there’s no way back.” ‘Innocence’ stands alone as Yulie’s very own lost-love experience. It’s a constant push-and-pull-type of affair that can only be maintained through illusion and self-mutilation of the heart and bones, over a cold atmospheric production that will haunt you in the time of night. The ‘VEE’ EP is still in the works, and is scheduled to be available on all major platforms later this year.

Feature photo by Liz Napino