Video Premiere: Vesper – ‘Hollow’

We’re excited to premiere the intimate video for Vesper’s ‘Hollow’. The clip is a collaborative piece between vocal driven, slowed down club music performed by Nana Odderskær and Mikkel and the video piece HVIDMAND by Danish artists Helene Arnfred and Matilde Nørgaard. “The inspiration for the original video came from living in South Africa where it became clear to the video artists that cells create tissue, tissue creates organs and organs create systems. The white men in the video refer to the origin and birth of our modern society.”

Vesper on the video
“When we saw the piece we initially were drawn to the ambience of the movie which we felt was connected to the bittersweet sound and meaning of our song Hollow.”

The duo draw inspiration from dusty samples, drum machines and minimalist songwriting, while having found their connection as Vesper in the Copenhagen underground. Vesper is based on the idea of transitioning from one extreme to another. This is most clearly seen in the music, which both contains the uncompromising characteristics of underground genres like house and techno, but also the pop sensibility of mainstream artists. Another example of this is the enigmatic yet personal presence the band has with their audience.

Helene Arnfred and Matilde Nørgaard are upcoming video artists, both from Denmark, presenting minimalist and poetic pieces about society as we see it today.