Video Premiere + Vinyl Giveaway: Jennifer Touch – ‘It To Come’

In the saturated world of electronica, Jennifer Touch creates a completely unique sound. Her electro-wave creations are often reminiscent of the early 80s, but also bring to mind electropop and disco influences that came decades before her. Taking in all of these different styles throughout the generations, she reinvents them with a rare essence that leaves the listener wanting more. A kind of music that sticks in your head long after listening is characteristic of her style, which is at home on the dancefloor and off. Creating serious material with a dark electro edge, Touch’s sound has no problem invading your ears and triggering a flood of endorphins in the brain. Her video for ‘It To Come’ is absolutely no exception, creating a full visceral experience for the listener. Prepare to get wavy, press play and scroll down to find out how to win a copy of Touch’s newest album ‘Feeling C’ on vinyl, out now on Riotvan.

The album ‘Feeling C’ is out now on Riotvan – but you can get your hands on a limited vinyl yourself by simply emailing and stating why you’d love one!
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