Vinicius Terranova

Vinicius Terranova is a young Brazilian artist, raised in Switzerland and currently based in São Paulo. His work portrays real stories in a fantastic and provocative atmosphere. Through the use of stimulating colors and surrealistic compositions, it contrasts contemporary symbols, guiding the observer into perceiving and thinking over his own sensations and human values.


Vinicius Terranova Photography

KALTBLUT: Where do you get inspiration from for such strong photographs and narratives?

Vinicius: My narratives emerge from a constant colour and symbology research. I find inspiration in processes that allow me to understand different realities I can then unify with my own point of view. I love the relationship between multiple cultures and the impact of their contrasts, especially when they are found in uncommon harmony. It’s a lesson for life. Fearing transformation leads to freedom limitation, and we must loose our ground in order to fly. I use art as a tool to emerge in resolutions that are relevant to me and may thereby bring change to myself as well as to the observer.

I’m mostly inspired by artists with a provocative approach. Just to list a few: Jodorowski, Dalí, Pierre Verger, Anish Kapoor, Edward Weston, Jean Paul Goude, Lorna Simpson, Lygia Clark, Bansky, Gui Bourdin, Annie Lebovitz, …

Vinicius Terranova Photography


KALTBLUT: One of the most impressive aspects in your work is colour. What is your approach to it?

Vinicius: Exploring colours is a very delightful part of my process. I perceive them as different voice pitches I can compound to express my feelings. I study and assimilate colours through a variety of references. My creation process is not pre defined, each photoshoot is very spontaneous and opened to the unpredictable with a really cathartic feel with no space for rules.

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KALTBLUT: Strange as your photographic universe is, how challenging are your shoots to plan and carry out?

Vinicius: Every photoshoot has its particular challenges and they may vary depending on the circumstances, the subject and the location. I was once inquired by cops in patrol while photographing two black twins in front of a wall that read “Liberdade”, which means “Freedom” in Portuguese. This series was precisely about police violence so this was a dangerous yet perfect situation to portrait it through the tension established between them. We had no time to discuss but I felt in the brother’s confident attitude that they were ready to take risks to validate our protest. So I calmly kept shooting and ended up capturing this fantastic yet true reality Brazil lives in. I think it’s important for any photographer to be honest with himself and his crew, understanding all limitations and continuously inspiring their trust to overcome difficulties during the shooting. Despite of the result, the most important task is to build an environment that brings a great experience to everyone involved.


Vinicius Terranova Photography

KALTBLUT: What would be your ultimate dream project as a photographer?

Vinicius: My dream project is to travel around the world discovering and capturing the endless possibilities of beauty and new realities every day, giving my best to generate positive impact may it be through harsh criticism or warm support.

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