Voyager Backpack by Alexquisite

Introducing: Voyager Backpack by Alexquisite! Like all great travels the Voyager Backpack collection started with no intention of control, but with only freedom in mind. We started exploring the possibilities of an escape from the city, being open to these possibilities and carrying the essential needs, backpacked was the key.

Freedom is the new luxury. All you need is a bag on your shoulders and a naked mind.



Alexquisite can be described as a soft designer, a description not so clear but definitely summing up the recurring elements in his designs. That is the textures and soft materials he works with creates a wide range of unexpectedly tactile products to wearable pieces. His close relationship with soft material and his growing curiosity for wearability leads him to move between the one off production of design pieces at the Design Academy Eindhoven to the speedy mass production of an established fashion house, where he is currently occupied.




Voyager backpack is a leather bag suitable for a weekend trip or everyday use. Inside the the bag two additional pockets are hidden, one reinforced with foam to protect your laptop and a smaller one for a tablet or just everyday accessories. An interesting feature lays inside the fastening straps: a small seam places in the middle quickly transforms them into a handle, that makes the backpack also handbag if desired.


Photography credits: Juliette Chretien