Vracar Hysterical

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography by Goran Popovski. Starring as a model and muse Mimi Pixel. Styling by Gala Borović. Make-up Marija Stošić. Brands are Gala Borović, Bakaystudios by Tamara Bakaj, Made in Hell by Lilith, Jean Paul Gaultier, Ann Demeulemeester.

The artistic director of the editorial evolved around the imaginary character Jessical Bill$ therefore we created her CV so the reader would understand better her personality, expression, and way of dressing. The editorial is done as a freelance project, the idea was created by the photographer Goran Popovski. The team that worked on the project consists of young creatives actively working in the fashion industry in Serbia and Macedonia.

Photography by Goran Popovski / Instagram @goranvpopovski
Starring as a model and muse Mimi Pixel / Instagram @pixel.qt
Styling by Gala Borović /  Instagram @galaborovicdesign
Make-up Marija Stošić / Instagram @marijastosicmua
Creative direction by Goran Popovski and Gala Borović / Instagram @goranvpopovski and @galaborovicdesign