Vulnerability as Power by Petros Aronis

Petros Aronis is originally from Greece and currently living and studying Film & Television Studies and History of Art in Glasgow. Petros consider himself an artist and his interests involve painting, photography, film-making and screenwriting. Vulnerability as Power is a photographic series about the journey that we all have to go through in order to accept our vulnerability.

” The photos are in specific order, showing the succession of finding and losing the courage of being imperfect. Vulnerability is seen as a female trait and because of the false predominant conception of our society that men are superior to women, vulnerability is often seen as a defect. For this reason, I tried to use the exposed female body as the cast for vulnerability and emotional nakedness and tried to showcase it as powerful under the guidance of the subtitles. The series is placed in a forest for the connotation of nature as unshameful but powerful.”


Instagram: @petraronis