Walking Down the Street

Menswear is what I love. I am a grown up man and yes I love fashion but I do not wanna look like one of those East17 kids .. I do not have a knot and I love it casual. I am a denim guy. Here are my favourite looks for a week full of work. Fashion by Burton, Palladium, Edwin, BLK DNM, Philips Fidelio M2L Lightning headphones, Fame On You Paris.

Anhang 6-1_mini

“Walking down, down your street I’m walking down your street, Walking down your street, down your street.. I’ve got one thing on my mind. Yeah, I’ll even sacrifice my pride, I want you”.


Anhang 23_mini

Anhang 18_mini

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Fashion by:

I am in LOVE with my new Edwin – Rip Baseball Shirt. College jacket style. Jeans also by Edwin. Both items available at the new Edwin Jeans store in Berlin Mitte, Rochstrasse 18. Shoes: Palladium – Pampa Oxford I.C.


Anhang 13_mini

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Fashion by:

Tuesday is colour blocking day. Wearing Edwin long arm shirt in black/white/grey. Pants: Fame On You Paris – Fame Slim Application Pant, Fame On You Paris Leather Hoody. Shoes: Palladium – Pampa Oxford I.C. Philips Fidelio M2L Lightning headphones – iPhone owners can say goodbye to the 3.5mm jack with the latest Fidelio on-ears from Philips, which use a Lightning connector instead


Anhang 12_mini

Anhang 20_mini

Anhang 3_mini

Fashion by:

LOVE LOVE the Burton blue white striped shirt. Classic fit. From the MOUNTAIN – heritage-based line. MUSTHAVE Item is the BLK DNM Biker Jeans in black. Shoes: Palladium – Baggy





Fashion by:

Keep it easy on Thursday. Jeans by Edwin. Blue shirt als by Edwin. BLK DNM Leather Bomber Jacket. Fidelio Philips M2L Lightning headphones


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Fashion by:

Lazy Friday City Style: I am crazy about the Khaki cotton trouser by Edwin. LOUDER THAN BOMBS. The perfect fit for the Burton red white striped shirt. Classic fit. From the MOUNTAIN – heritage-based line. MUSTHAVE item: The Annax Pack by Burton. When art meets function. LOVE it!


Burton eur.burton.com
Palladium www.palladiumboots.nl
Edwin www.edwin-europe.com
BLK DNM www.blkdnm.com
Philips www.philips.com/headphones
Fame On You Paris www.fameonyouparis.com

Photos by Lauren Raaijmakers.