Wandering Textures by Ruben Hart

Wandering Textures is the result of an improvised shoot between photgrapher Ruben Hart and model Kyotocat, a girl who’s been travelling the world for the last 2 years as a free soul and art/nude model.

Ruben Hart & Kyotocat 2_mini

Ruben Hart & Kyotocat 3_mini

Ruben Hart & Kyotocat 4_mini

“The main themes are just being free, independent, exploring new grounds, letting the body speak. With a few pictures that describe contemplation, loneliness and darker moments where we feel the limits of what we can do. A mix of feeling strong and nostalgic at the same time, something we all know. A dark and dreamy result.”

Ruben Hart & Kyotocat 5_mini

Ruben Hart & Kyotocat 6_mini

Ruben Hart & Kyotocat 7_mini

Ruben Hart & Kyotocat 8_mini



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