WANSIE Fall/Winter 2024

Immerse yourself in the visionary realm where the quotidian transforms into the extraordinary with WANSIE, the Japanese fashion vanguard that has been revolutionizing the ready-to-wear scene since its inception in 2019. At the helm are design mavericks Masahiro Hirota and Shinya Kuraoka, whose alchemy infuses the robust, raw edge of traditional workwear with the meticulous finesse of Nippon artisanship, all while staying steadfastly cutting-edge.

Unveiling the FW24 collection titled “Afternoon Camouflage,” WANSIE calls forth a transcendent narrative that blurs the boundary between urbanity and the wild. This anthology is a homage to the subtle art of natural disguise, interweaving the mimicry found in the heart of nature’s wilderness into the fabric of city life. The palette and textures whisper of forest concealment and the understated intricacy of animal hide, conjuring a spellbinding daydream within the concrete jungle. WANSIE invites you to don your camouflage, not to hide but to be discovered afresh amidst the beauty of the world teeming around you.