WAR – a multilayered tragedy

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Concept and Creative Direction by Aya Sturza & Nathaniel Kowalsky. Models are Aliona Cebotari, Viviana and Evelina Oanea. Photography by Nathaniel Kowalsky. Styling, hair and make-up by Aya Sturza.

“Seeing the horrors taking place this close to us, both geographically and emotionally, the feeling of hopelessness crept into our hearts. Not even meeting first-hand and aiding the Ukrainian refugees, helped.

Art is defined as one’s form of expression, of thoughts, feelings, ideas, beliefs, and values. 
We wanted to spread awareness and bring attention to these atrocities. As creatives in the fashion industry, this editorial was the only way we knew how to protest against these criminal actions. The photos showcase authentic footage from the war frontier and portray symbolistic, yet true episodes happening in Ukraine every day. We STAND WIITH UKRAINE and we say HANDS OFF.”

Concept and Creative Direction by Aya Sturza /
Instagram: @ayasturza & Nathaniel Kowalsky / Instagram: @nathanielkowalsk_y
Hair, Makeup and Styling by Aya Sturza / Instagram: @ayasturza
Photography by Nathaniel Kowalsky / Instagram: @nathanielkowalsk_y

Models are Aliona Cebotari / Instagram: @alionacebotar.i (not signed at any agency)
Viviana / Instagram: @_vivvs signed at @mandarinmodels Agency
Evelina Oanea / Instagram: @evelina_onea

Fashion Brands used are:
Sotropa @_sotropa / primadonna collection @primadonnacollectionofficial / Asos design @asos / Source Unknown @sourceunknown.official / FABI (vintage pair) @fabishoes