Warm Shapes by Johanna Viktoria

A KALTBLUT exclusive editorial. Photography by Johanna Viktoria. Models are Diana Rangger, Astrid Hirzberger and Maria Dorner. All the clothes are vintage by Dogdays of Summer Vintage.

“My name is Johanna Viktoria, I’m 28 years old and I’m from Graz, Austria. I’m working as a graphic designer and photographer and I’m about to finish my academic studies of art history at the university of Graz. Right now I am in the process of building up a portfolio for my photography and graphic work, including a website and an IG account, as I will finish my art history and graphic design studies soon and I am aiming to fully concentrate on my artistic work.

Art in general has always been a huge love of mine, and I always try to find new ways to express my creativity. I love photography because it gives me the freedom to transform my creative visions into something more real. Most of the time, my work reflects a feeling or a thought and I love turning that into a piece of art for others to see. I like creating a mood that you can feel by looking at a photo. Depending on my vision and feeling it can either turn out really soft and vulnerable or more aggressive and dark. I always try to tell a story and I need everything I create to have a deeper meaning.

The story „Warm Shapes“ was shot with a group of close friends, as it it was important to me to capture a feeling of true closeness and trust. For the looks I collaborated with the vintage label „Dogdays of Summer“. I wanted to use secondhand clothing because I strongly believe in reusing, upcycling and slow fashion and in being more conscious about the way we live and what we wear.

„Warm Shapes“ is all about soft, creamy, pastel colors, togetherness and the contrast between pieces that cover more than they need to and bare skin. Pulling collars and tights high up, trying to shelter oneself from the observer whilst silently observing, staying close and forming shapes.” says Johanna Viktoria

Photography by Johanna Viktoria / Instagram: @softbluesun
Models are Diana Rangger / Instagram: @ianoree
Astrid Hirzberger / Instagram: @fraeuleinastrid
Maria Dorner / Instagram: @maria_dorner
Styling and concept by Johanna Viktoria / @softbluesun
All the clothes are vintage by Dogdays of Summer Vintage.