Warpaint announce New Album with ‘New Song’

Warpaint have released a disco-inspired track taken from their newly announced album ‘Heads Up’, out 23rd September via Rough Trade. The LA rockers have taken on a new approach to their sound, “We’ve always had this really jammy, high-energy live show compared to some of our records,” says singer/guitarist Emily Kokal. “We all love to dance. We didn’t want to take away from the emotion or the core feeling of what our band is all about—which I don’t even think we could take out if we wanted, because it is who we are—but we wanted to bump the speed up and have a little bit more fun.” Hit play for a very special new song!

“Everybody was allowed to have their space, time and creative freedom with songs and figure out, ‘I wonder what the best notes would be? I wonder what the best part would be to play?”, says Lindberg. “Everybody got to sit and go, ‘What do I want to do on this? What’s my part? What’s my role? How can I make it the best?'” – “The doors were a little more open in terms of what was accepted and what wasn’t, because we were sharing ideas so rapidly between us,” says Mozgawa. “The roles that each of us individually had—or had established—were a little more malleable.”

“We’ve been on tour, and we’ve been around each and other,” explains Lindberg “But you need to take a break from that sometimes to get a fresh perspective, and to be excited and inspired about what you’re doing. I feel like we did that. I feel really proud of what we made—almost surprised and shocked. When we were making it, I was like, ‘I wonder what this is going to sound like? How’s this going to come together?’ I love the way that it came together so nicely. I feel so proud of it, and like it’s an evolution of our band. It sounds like a mature version of Warpaint.”

warpaint album

01 “Whiteout”
02 “By Your Side”
03 “New Song”
04 “The Stall”
05 “So Good”
06 “Don’t Wanna”
07 “Don’t Let Go”
08 “Dre”
09 “Heads Up”
10 “Above Control”
11 “Today Dear”