Warszawa, December 2022

A KALTBLUT exclusive editorial. Photography by Eran Evan. The model is Tomasz. “I’m Israeli, based in Tel Aviv. This session is a part of an ongoing project for the past 4 years, I do in Poland – Visiting it, meeting LGBTQIA+ people and talking about their experiences. Both Israel and Poland are going through harsh times of going deep into extreme right-wing religious changes, LGBTQIA+phobia and Xenophobia. Tomasz, the Subject/Model lives in Warsaw. Through the early stages of coming to terms with being gay, years ago, He went deeper into Christianity and this is the reason for the Crucifix tattoo on his back, a “souvenir” of his younger days.” *Eran Evan

Photography by Eran Evan @eranevan_photography
The model is Tomasz  @tom_of_pl