Welcome to the Afterparty!

A KALTBLUT exclusive editorial inspired by the outrageous concerts and free spirit of New York’s rock scene in the 70s with a few baroque influences to the androgynous styles of those times. Welcome to the Afterparty is a story of the aftermath – tails of the backstage. It embodies the fun, bold, and stylish maneuverer of the rock culture that grew to be a peak turning point in terms of music and fashion!

The team consisted of 3 stylists Teona Gagoshvili, Aashita Mani, and Rocky Schippers master students at IED, Milan, and talented film photographer An Shaoda who captured the nostalgia of those times, and Carlo Salzano a Milan-based model who fit the rebellious look, apt for the narrative.

Styling & Art Direction by Teona Gagoshvili, Aashita Mani, Rocky Schippers /
Instagram: @teosummer_  @xlovaholicx  @rockyschippers

Photography by An Shaoda / Instagram: @an_shao_da
The model is Carlo Salzano at Boom models agency/ Instagram: @warletto @boommodels 
Make up by Federica Paperetti / Instagram: @federicapaperetti
Location is Art Mall Milano / Instagram: @artmallmilano

 Brands used are: Costumeria Lariulà, Pwc Milano, Nasty Gal / Instagram: @costumerialariula  @pwcmilano @nastygal