what was, will always be.

A KALTBLUT exclusive womenswear editorial. Photographer Sun Choi captured Alexandria Ceranski from Scout Agency, Khalia Bazile from Cast Images and Ragan Reyna from Cast Images for us. Styled by Khai Hutchison using Oak & Fort, Zara, RJR amongst others. Make up and hair by Solomn Flores. Production by Roman Robinson and Andriana Driscoll.

black coat (for the left model)/ white long sleeve (for the middle
model)/ tan pants (for the middle model) by Oak & Fort
tan pants (for the middle model)/ red pants (for the right
model) / button up shirt (for the right model) by Zara
all three fedoras by RJR

white t-shirts (for the middle model) / ivory color coat (for the middle
model) / white long sleeve (for the right model) by Oak & Fort
tan pants (for the right model) by Zara
all three fedoras by RJR

black fedora by RJR
white t-shirt and pants by Zara
black boots by ALDO

black coat by Oak & Fort
black fedora by RJR
black boots by Unknown Vintage

photographed by Sun Choi / www.bysunchoi.com / @sunoow
“I am a fashion and portrait photographer from Korea, based in San Francisco and New York. I am mostly shooting on 35mm film and working in both the fashion and fine art world. I believe everybody has own aura and I strive to capture the mood, every moments of serenity. I am currently attending Pratt Institute for BFA.”

photo assisted by Minha Park / @bluminja
styled by Khai Hutchison / www.arkhaives.net / @khvi
makeup/hair by Solomn Flores / @dolledbysol

Models are

Alexandria Ceranski @alexandriaceranski from Scout Agency @scoutmodelagency Khalia Bazile @speecial.k from Cast Images @castimages
Ragan Reyna @ohhitzrago from Cast Images

produced by

Roman Robinson / www.rjr121.com / @rjr_121 Andriana Driscoll / @addrrriianna