What We Wear! By STUDIO183 Apparel

A KALTBLUT exclusive. All fashion by Veronika Hopponen for STUDIO183 Apparel. Photography by Jelena Andjelkovic. Models are KALTBLUT´s art director Nicolas Simoneau and Leandra Haupt. STUDIO183 began as an experimental pop up shop in 2015 and has now formed into a boutique retail concept representing an evolving selection of international and Berlin based artists and designers. With two fixed store locations in East and West Berlin, STUDIO183 prides itself in showcasing highly quality design, fashion & art while offering a platform for select young designers and entrepreneurs to sell their products in curated retail context.

The editorial was shot for the in-store brand STUDIO183 Apparel, designed by Veronika Hopponen. As she explains, “We communicate with our clothes. What we wear is how we choose to represent ourselves to the outside world. Fashion is all about belonging. Belonging to a certain group, status, gender or sexuality.”

STUDIO183 Apparel’s collection keeps its core inspiration of repurposed Second-hand garments. “We stand by our philosophy of creating collections with less environmental impact that still maintains a strong design aesthetic, whilst utilising fewer financial resources.”

In the collection, we see hand drawn illustrations across the garments which have been screen printed in a studio collective in the Berlin neighbourhood, Wedding. The prints are inspired by Berlin. “We use humour as a tool to spread positive energy. The bold colours of the pieces give the collection a fun and playful feeling. STUDIO183 Apparel’s message is about inclusivity and portraying a different look on the fashion industry.”

Designer: Veronika Hopponen instagram.com/veronikahopponen
for STUDIO183 Apparel instagram.com/studio183_apparel
Photographer: Jelena Andjelkovic
Models: Nicolas Simoneau & Leandra Haupt