Wheadon – The Barber & Beauty Store in Berlin!

Lifestyle Spot in Berlin! Wheadon – Wohlfühlen ist Hautsache! Having a beard these days is kind of a MUSTHAVE for a real man. And I love my beard. It was time that I moved my lazy body to a barber to get my beard done.



If you live in Berlin or if you are here for holidays.. there is only one place to go to get your beard done: THE WHEADON Store in Berlin-Mitte, Steinstrasse 17. Photos by Michelle Janssen

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WHEADON is a beauty concept store with really good products and brands and a great service. I am sure you will enjoy it. 

Our range will be presented in a non-typical for the industry androgynous shabby chic ambienceIt consists of a combination of selected, less well-known, and well-established brands.”

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I had an appointment with Kerr Sutherland .. A guest barber from Glasgow/sCotland. And he did a fantastic job. He told me that his das is also a barber… so I have been in good hands. I love the result. Normally I have a really heavy beard. But he trimmed it into a modern dandy look.. LOVE! I will be back soon.


The Shop: It is a feel well place.. dark colours.. steal.. mirros .. A place to hang out and discover the world of a barber. Amazing products.. Like Damn Good Soap, Meißner, Mr. Bear .. and many more.. It all smells soo good.

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Photos by Michelle Janssen cargocollective.com/michellehelenajanssen instagram.com/miesjanssen

But WHEADON is not only a place for men and boys. Listen Girls!!! WHEADON Just opened the FRAUENZIMMER. A beauty-feel-well place for the modern big city girl. Right beside the barber store. Steinstrasse 17.. It is friday and saturday soon. Take a coffee and check the new place .. I am sure you will enjoy it.

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11246126_543353359138827_340093678_nPhotos taken from: instagram.com/wheadon_berlin/

Contact: WHEADON @Facebook and www.wheadon.de and twitter.com/WheadonBerlin

Barber: Kerr Sutherland

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