Who’s the Antichrist?

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Creative Direction, Styling, Editing by Vera Sachse. Photography by Luca Bonaduce. Models are Samwil Del and Dré Prasad. Fashion Designs by Takin Niayesh. Jewellery Designs by Simone Muxlow and Terzann. Make-up & Hair by Sarah Meilak.

Who’s the Antichrist?
Religion and sexual orientation are clashing.
Humans are the only creatures on earth who are judging their own species and dissociating themselves even from family members over sexual preferences. Would a god, who created hermaphroditic and homosexual animals, judge humans for the exact same way of being?
Animals entering these homosexual relationships instinctively, because that’s the way they were created, the way they are supposed to be in this world. These phenomena captured in nature disprove unreasonable arguments made by the church regarding our choice of sexual preferences.
So, ask yourself: Who’s the real Antichrist?

Creative Direction, Styling, Editing by Vera Sachse / Instagram: @v.yra
Photography by Luca Bonaduce / Instagram: @luca_bonaduce_ph
Fashion Designs by Takin Niayesh / Instagram: @takin.n
Jewellery Designs by Simone Muxlow / Instagram: @mesh.gallery
Terzann / www.somethingshit.bigcartel.com/ / Instagram: @_somethingshit_
Make-up & Hair by Sarah Meilak / Instagram: @makeupbysarahmeilak
Models are Samwil Del / Instagram: @reversedvission
Dré Prasad / Instagram: @drebius.maximus signed at Duval Agency