XPOSED 2024: Berlin’s Queer Film Fest Unveils Diverse Lineup

© Marion Habringer

The 18th XPOSED Queer Film Festival is set to illuminate Berlin from May 30 to June 2, 2024, with a vibrant selection of 15 feature films and 54 shorts from over 30 countries. Hosted across iconic venues including Moviemento Kreuzberg and the newly added Babylon Kreuzberg, the festival expands its reach with an online streaming option. This year’s program resonates with themes of loss, community, and queer resilience, creating a potent mix of nostalgia, contemporary issues, and futuristic vistas.

XPOSED will not only celebrate cinematic achievements with its traditional Lolly & Audience Awards but also foster critical discourse through a Wikipedia Edit-A-Thon and a compelling talk on ‘Cuteness & Art’ with Samira Yildirim. Prepare for a profound cinematic journey that champions both the art and heart of queer storytelling.

18th festival edition from May 30 – June 2 ‘24

15 feature films & 54 short films
Moviemento Kreuzberg as main venue
additional screenings at Wolf Kino, Il Kino
new venue added: Babylon Kreuzberg
online component with screenings
Lolly & Audience Awards 2024, 10th Queer Short Film Fund
further highlights: Wikipedia Edit-A-Thon on queer experimental film and a talk on ‘Cuteness & Art’ with Samira Yildirim

all information can be found here: xposedfilmfestival.com/2024/program-2024

“XPOSED is about connection, community, and transformation. Loss and grief are recurring themes this year,” said Merle Groneweg and Sarnt Utamachote, two of the XPOSED curators. “How can we, as queers, mourn for ourselves, but also in the community? How do we deepen our connections with ourselves, our loved ones, and the world around us? Rituals, performances, essays, and acting can offer solutions: With poetic imagery, the filmmakers of this year’s festival sensitively explore questions that haunt us. Connections are forged across generations as well as continents. Of course, there is still plenty of room for laughter and celebration!”

Claiming space and thus creating space to understand queer existences

As a queer film festival, XPOSED takes over the screens and their venues to create a space for filmmakers and audiences alike. Global as well as local events directly impacting the queer community are witnessed, mourned, and protested. Filmmakers share their stories, visions, and interventions, while the audience is invited to watch, listen, and empathize.

Loss is omnipresent, and the grief it evokes permeates the narratives of many selected films in this year’s program. Some return to the earlier aesthetics of the 1990s on a nostalgic journey into the millennium: the 8-bit video game, the arcade, and the familiar technological sounds. Through the lens of nostalgia, they create a new sense of belonging. The aesthetics of “glitch” in turn fill the gaps left by memory or history.