Y.A.S Top 5

‘Vibrations’ is the latest sultry number from Scottish born, London based artist Y.A.S. After first making her mark in music via an assortment of striking collaborations with artists and producers from right across the electronic dance spectrum, including Troyboi and DEVI, Y.A.S’s concoction of music has been hailed as “something intensely melodic and extremely hypnotic.” As she tirelessly continues to work on her as-yet-untitled debut EP, Y.A.S takes a look back at her top 5 tracks throughout the years.

505 by Arctic Monkeys

“I always come back to this song. I love the crypticness of the title and my role as a listener to figure out what is the number 505? The songwriting is so beautiful and paints a such a vivid scene. I believe ( though I could be totally wrong) it is about a long distance relationship and 505 is the hotel room of his girlfriend. I appreciate how he shares the wildness of his imagination and how this song has no typical structure, it’s the same melody over and over. The organ and guitars are so eerie and beautiful.”

Ultralight Beam by Kanye West

“I heard this song at the perfect time. This song is extremely spiritual to me. I interpreted this song as his internal battle; losing himself and the power of faith. The last lyric told me everything I needed to know when I was feeling so lost and empty inside; you can never go too far when you can’t come back home again. That’s why I need faith.

Eternal Sunshine by Jhené Aiko

“I am a massive fan of Jhene’s vocal. Her tone is so unique and I listen to every word she sings. I think it’s a beautiful song, so vulnerable and pure with simple production. I admire her courage, her perspective and her talent. She shows such appreciation for life, and what a beautiful song to write – all the good things that happened in her life and especially her childhood with her brother. It makes me go back to my childhood and how magical the simplest things were. The innocence she shares here is within all of us and I love this song so much for that. I said beautiful a lot but this is beauty in song. (!!!)”

Late Night in Kauai by Childish Gambino


“Childish Gambino inspires me so much. There’s no limit to his work. This song inspires me because it shows such freedom as an artist – no rules to the game. Listening to it is so transcendent – I feel like I am right there on the beach taking every moment in. Jaden Smiths imagery slows everything down to the last detail. It’s incredibly dynamic and it’s like going on a journey ending in a pulse of “we are becoming God”. This song is like taking a drug and being in awe of life. It’s magic to me.”

Don’t Stop the Dance by Bryan Ferry


“Ever since I heard this track in a scene in American Horror Story I was playing in on repeat. It’s the perfect 80s pop song. 80s pop songs have a certain darkness and depth that I connect with so well, and I try to take this into my own music. I love the dark, lonely and lost lyric on a beat you want to dance to. “Every thought I had don’t mean a thing” is one of my favourite emo lyrics ever.”

‘Vibrations’ is the latest single from Y.A.S