A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography, Stying & Creative direction by Elvis Di Fazio. “For this story, I wanted to explore youth in a way that felt nostalgic to me. It pulls strong references to suburbia in the late ’90s – a time when I was a teenager myself. Casting and directing models to play my fictional characters, I styled them in the old rock band tees from my youth.”

Young & The Restless

“I produced multiple photo sessions, and carefully selected a curated series of images to tell a story that is one of balance and dichotomy.

The story may feel angsty, but it is liberated. At once, performative, yet genuine. Brash and alluring. Nihilistic, but soft and laced with emotion.

In youth, we crave independence; we often feel misunderstood and controlled. Then, when you are old enough to call the shots, the responsibility and expectations are beyond our previous comprehension. In many ways, those are our golden years!

“Youth is wasted on the young” is just a short way to say that young people do not, nor can really, appreciate the value of their youth while they are living it. My story is named after the TV soap opera series “The Young & The Restless”- an ironic contrast, stylistically, but fitting. Those years are often a period of high drama, bad decisions and chaotic navigation through the unfolding of life.

They say, “To be old and wise you must first be young and stupid” and I couldn’t agree more. The more you know, the better your decisions become. But I feel, it is in blissful ignorance and naiveté, that the best stories are birthed. Perhaps, this is why telenovelas are so popular- drama is often the backbone of a good tale, the ones that are worth sharing.

I believe there is something truly magical about this period, where you merge from being a teen to a young adult. Those defiant years filled with hope and lust, rebellion and cheap thrills!” *Elvis Di Fazio

Photography, Stying & Creative direction by Elvis Di Fazio
Model / Street Casting by Elvis Di Fazio Instagram: @elvisdifazio //

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