A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography by Mars Wang. Styling by Adriana Cagigas. Models are Paprika, Nick Obrien and Aritz Kortabarria. Make Up & Hair by Ariadna Martin. Brands are DEYI 德逸 and Mocong Accessories.

This project is built on the singular Chinese concept of yuanfen 缘分. It means the indispensable “serendipity” in relationships which implies that “chance” or “destiny” is hidden under any relationship. This shooting highlights the importance of relationships along our paths, our destiny’s connections, in other words, our “yuanfen”. This atmosphere reminds the world of ancient Chinese literati, sharing a simple way of life, in harmony with nature and the essence of life.

Photography by Mars Wang / www.marswangstudio.com / Instagram @marswangstudio
Styling by Adriana Cagigas / Instagram: @adrianacagigas
Models are Paprika / Instagram @papriikkaa
Nick Obrien / Instagram @nick19_ob
Aritz Kortabarria / Instagram @aritzkortabarria
Makeup & Hair by Ariadna Martin / Instagram: @ariadnamartin.artistry

Brands are :
DEYI 德逸 / www.deyi-living.com / Instagram @deyi.living
Mocong Accessories / Instagram @mocong_accessories