A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography by Dina El Sawi. Art Direction by Najla Said. Styling by Ahmed Sorour. Hair by Hams Akil. Model is Zeina Elogail signed at UNN Models. Make up by Dina El Sawi. Brands are Ahmed Sorour, Aspect Doré, Kojak and Tiyi.

Photography by Dina El Sawi / www.dinaelsawi.com / Instagram: @dinaelsawi
Art Direction by Najla Said / Instagram: @ncrjournal
Styling by Ahmed Sorour / Instagram: @ahmedwsorour
Hair by Hams Akil / Instagram: @hamsakil
Make up by Dina El Sawi
Model is Zeina Elogail signed at UNN Models / Instagram: @zeinaelogailll  / Instagram: @unnmodels

Fashion Brands are: Ahmed Sorour / Aspect Doré  / Kojak / Tiyi

“I am Dina El Sawi, a Photographer/Visual Artist currently based in Cairo. I was previously based in London for 5 years where I studied Graphic Design at the University of the Arts London. It was in London where I was also exposed to fashion like never before in my adolescent life in Abu Dhabi, and it was there where my interest in Fashion & Photography really amplified and thus came together. I am currently focused on further exploring Photography/Fashion and Visual Design in Cairo and plan to continue to develop my knowledge and curiosity through professional experience as well as personal work and collaborations. “