Ziv Sade – Africa

KALTBLUT presents a photo series by Ziv Sade from her last trip to South Africa. “Africa hosted me twice, one I was traveling with my father, in a very wonderful attempt of bonding with him, and discovering new ways to look at our relationship. the second time, I traveled to escape from a very confusing time in my life, dealing with depression and lost of my purpose.”
Photography : Ziv Sade www.instagram.com/zivsadephotography

“Both time, this magnificent and everlasting land embraced me and gave me non judgmental freedom to explore and get lost and finding my true calling again and again.

Its an chaotic and addictive place, that life of all kind flourishes in it. It is a place that is evolving and changing all the time but yet, nature dictates its course and force it self on man. We traveled from the notorious Johannesburg all the way to Kingdom Swaziland and to the Cape. Its been a few years since then but I can still remember what a powerful and culturally diverse place that was. I love you Africa, and I’m sure this is not the last time that I will take comfort in your arms.” says Ziv