A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photographer Evan Xião captured Basil Farmer for us. Styling by Apela Bell. All the clothes from NZ skateboard brand DEF SS 2017 collection. “Def is a premium local skate and street wear brand with the goal to present to the world the talents of NZ through Skateboarding, Design, Music and Art with the people connected to it. New Zealand has a rich abundance of talent that needs to be exposed. Therefore, we want to promote skateboarding to the youth of NZ as a healthy and active lifestyle to try get kids out from behind the playstation.”

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Photographer: Evan Xião Web: Instagram: @evanwhooo

Model: Basil Farmer Instagram: @basil.farmer

Assistant: Matyas Drugan Instagram: @98_mat

Styling: Apela Bell  Instagram: @apelabell

Clothing Credits

All the clothes from NZ skateboard brand DEF s/s 2017


Instagram: @defmfgco

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