Milla Giulia Badin: A tous Les Dandys de Mon Coeur 

In a captivating display of adoration for the pulsating heart of London, Milla Giulia Badin’s latest collection emerges as a poetic tribute to the city’s allure and audacity. Set amidst the eclectic charm of Hackney Wick, the venue exuded an air of artistic fusion, mirroring the diverse tapestry of the metropolis itself.

A Love Letter to London

Guests were beckoned to an array of seats, each a testament to individuality, reflecting the collection’s ethos of embracing diversity in form and style. Here, amidst the off-schedule intimacy, attendees were invited to savour every detail, unhurried and unencumbered by the relentless pace of the fashion calendar.

With a bold declaration of defiance against conformity, Milla’s designs unfurled in a riotous celebration of extravagance. Feathers mingled with stockings, bustles danced with lampshade dresses, and corsets intertwined with ribbons and tulle, echoing the flamboyance of 19th-century Dandies and the rebellious spirit of 80s Glam Rock.

Drawing inspiration from luminaries past and present, from Beau Brummell to Mick Jagger, Milla’s vision transcended mere fashion, encapsulating a fervent pursuit of self-expression and communal creativity.

The crescendo of the evening came with opera virtuoso Shana Moron-Caravel’s haunting performance, clad in a resplendent gown that evoked a Gothic reverie. As her voice intertwined with sombre violin strains, the audience was enraptured, culminating in a standing ovation that reverberated through the venue.

In a world where conformity often eclipses individuality, Milla Giulia’s collection stands as a beacon of authenticity and empowerment. Brava, Milla, on a triumphant ode to London’s unyielding spirit and the Dandies who flock here. Long live the Duchess of East London.

Words by Lewis Robert Cameron

Designer Milla Giulia @xxmillagiulia
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Opera singer Shana@shanamoron_caravel
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