Beautiful Iceland by Paola Zanni

Paola Zanni was born in Paris from a Mexican mother and an Italian father. Due to her multicultural family, Zanni has always felt passionate about traveling and interested in discovering new places. As a natural consequence, photography has always been part of her life: first, as a tool to remember her adventures and after, a way to express her feelings. Paola Zanni moved to Barcelona 7 years ago and felt attracted by the warm light of this easy-going seaside city. Beautiful Iceland is photostory about a trip Zanni did 3 years ago. 

” I needed to escape from the city and Iceland appeared as one of the few places where nature still seems completely wild and virgin. In fact, even after knowing it, I couldn’t handle my surprise while facing these impressive landscapes. Iceland gives you the feeling of having the privilege of being able to witness nature in its more primary state, spared of excessive constructions and installations. This majestic country is overflowing with multiple treasures that seem lost in the middle of nowhere. Innumerable waterfalls, breathtaking views, cliffs of dizzying height, are only a small part of what makes Iceland so unique.
The violent wind, strong rain, impenetrable fog are unpredictable elements which add to the mysterious atmosphere that comes from these never ending spaces.
I have been moved by the perfect harmony in which so many contrasted textures and opposite colours coexist.

During my trip, I experienced a beautiful loneliness in the middle of this silent beauty. Beautiful, because it is not the kind of loneliness which makes you suffer, but the one that exposes you to yourself and make you realize how tiny we are in this endless nature. Nature is the mirror of ourselves. It shows how delicate and strong we can be. It is mainly what I felt the need to express in my pictures: this beautiful silence and soothing emptiness. ”


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