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Founders Of Filth, the highly regarded imprint from Felix Da Housecat, returns this December with a third offering featuring collaborations with Clarian and Jamie Principle, as well as a return to his Aphrohead alias. Felix Da Housecat. Only in its sixth month, the label has already received high praise from industry peers. Describing the sound of the EP, Felix invites you to imagine “colours, vibes, energy, individuality frequencies and waves” coming together and radiating “from spirit into audio”. The EP has all the hallmarks of Felix’s adaptability and genre-spanning production skills. To celebrate the release we had the electroclash legend himself curate a selection of Top 5 Chicago influenced tracks.

1. Bad Boy – Jamie Principle
As a child growing up on the south side of Chicago I had two heroes Prince & Jamie Principle…Jamie’s sound, voice, and vibe would shape me as a producer/artist especially Now and in my youth. It was euro, it was freaky it was like Chicago Modern New wAve..and Bad Boy 2 for me was Brave Vulnerable and TIMELESS. I’m proud to say we work together and are brothers and he remains a great friend and great teacher.

2. When you Touch me – Taana Gardner
Where do u begin…Well WEST END RECORDS! nuff said! As a label and capturing the spirit of disco/house music or just good ass music period. Larry Levan had his ears on the Pulse of club culture..and was so in tune with the people he rocked for and also connected with studio guiding Kenton Nix producer.That Bassline that vocal THAT SOUND! Right Label.Right Song.and ThEE right time.

3. Something in Water – Prince
Everyone knows that Prince Roger Nelson 1983-1984 is the reason why I started taking music serious..”Does not Compute” is perhaps the rawest New Wave Punk experimental Prince and my Fave Song by him..due 2 thee synthz and execution of the Linn drum on top of his eerie screams…and no FuCkz given on the arrangement. Analog Angels loving this 4ever!

4. Lorelei – Tom Tom Club
Perhaps Thee attitude of FOF ..I was with my girlfriend 2 years ago in Ibiza partying after a party in my Hotel (it was my birthday). We must have played this 35 times in row around 7am..I kept saying rewind back ..again again again..for the first time in a long time, something in this track resonated with my spirit and we both said and agreed this is the vibe we want for FOUNDERS OF FILTH!!!

5. We’re Rockin Down The House – ADONIS
When it comes to House Music or rawness you cant overlook Vince Lawrence & TRAX records/CHICAGO..1 of the first records I heard termed as Jackin’ House. Simple but effective.. a drum machine/handclaps.. vocal and bassline. That’s all you Need 4 da Party.

Founders Of Filth Vol. 3 is out now, get it here


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