Leões de Amapoa by Fernanda Mansur

A KALTBLUT exclusive editorial. Photography by Fernanda Mansur. Models are  Luiz Felipe lucas, Palomaris Mathias and Gabbe Figueiredo. The idea behind this editorial was to cherish the natural beauty  that is much undervalued when doesn’t fit the commercial look expectations of magazines and our culture all around.

We have here two beautiful black people and a transsexual woman relating to each other in a gentle loving way. The name of the editorial, Leões de Amapoa or Lions of Amapoa, is a fun joke with how they look strong like lions but also have a feminine side since Amapoa is a slang that the LGBT community uses to refer to women.

Photograhy by Fernanda Mansur / Instagram: @mansurfe
Styling by Fernanda Mansur & Paulo Victhor / Instagram: @paulovicthor
Beauty by Debora Saad / Instagram: @deborassaad
Models are Luiz Felipe lucas (@luizfelipelucas), Palomaris Mathias (@palomarismathias) and Gabbe Figueiredo (@gabbefigueiredo)
Special Thanks to Fred Toscano (@fredtoscano22)

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