A KALTBLUT exclusive underwear editorial. Photographer Karl Slater captured Matt Lister signed at Established Models for us. Styling by Kennedy Sliver using fashion by Garofali, Versace, Dsquared and Kick Sagat

Dsquared Anglo Logo Brief – Avalible at prowler.co.uk

Versace Low Rise Icon Brief White –  Avalible at prowler.co.uk

Garofali Jock Brief – Avalible at garofali.com

Versace Low Rise Icon Brief Black –  Avalible at prowler.co.uk

Kick Sagat Brief White – Avalible at kicksagat.com

Curbwear Black Crown Brief – Avalible at prowler.co.uk


Photography: Karl Slater www.instagram.com/slaterkarl/

Stylist: Kennedy Silver kennedysilverstyling.tumblr.com

Model: Matt Lister at Established Models  www.instagram.com/mrmattlister  / www.instagram.com/estmodels

Special thanks: Prowler www.instagram.com/prowleruk

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