A KALTBLUT favourite from ModaLisboa FW 17/18 Sangue Novo! Young fashion designer Mariana Laurência unveiled a great collection at the catwalk. Her menswear collection is modern, current and full of design ideas. A one to watch label from Portugal. Mariana Laurência has been, from an early age, strongly motivated by the fashion world. From 2013 to 2016 she attended the Fashion Design course at Modatex Lisbon. During the course she discovered a complementary passion: The Marketing. Thus, in 2015 she enrolled in a Marketing and Publicity course at the School of Social Communication, being currently attending the 2nd year. Mariana Laurência is eternally concerned with the equilibrium of things. Sustainability is, for her, a permanent target.


A starting point: «Peep shows». An ancient practice whereby men pay to watch semi-naked women dancing.

The Concept: Fantasies don’t meet reality. There are many reasons for fantasizing. Such reasons do not have to be connected just to sexual behavior. Any fantasy can be an extrapolation of our daily life. It may defi­ne objectives and dreams, even those that appear unrealistic. By our experience, today we accept that the impossible is a possibility.

Inspiration for the collection came from the silhouettes and graphics containing the signs of peep shows. The collection comes to life through the styling of diverse complementary styles. #Boundless we love her work.

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