Press Play: Free Free Dom Dom – ‘Be’ EP

photo by Julia Berezina

Fresh out of the oven! German electronic duo Free Free Dom Dom has released their two track EP, Be . Featuring a high energy Indie Dance original and Techno Remix by Fear The Priest, Be is available online via Bishops Bloc Records. “Berlin indie dance duo Free Free Dom Dom have crafted a swirling twirling future pop masterpiece that has you hitting repeat to no end. Lead singer Little Voice reminds us that nobody is telling this girl who or what she can “be” while partner Phil backs her up vocally and instrumentally in all the right places. Midway through the song things take a darker turn and this is exactly where Fear The Priest’s industrial tinged gothic techno remix takes off. Start your day off with the original and start your night off with the remix because this release has moods for all occasions.” – Bishop’s Bloc Records

Free Free Dom Dom is a Berlin-based duet formed by Little Voice and Philippe Duval, 2 years ago. Their indie dance distills pure melodic energy with a strong message. “We are free to be whoever we want to be.” Their new track “Be” offers an interesting perspective on the subject. Why should we follow all the rules dictated by society when we can sense those rules are not good for us ? “Be” states we shouldn’t let anyone tell us “what to be”.

photo by Nicco Pucko

Little Voice is also known as Laetitia Duveau, the art curator who runs the online platform Curated By Girls, giving a voice to visual arts related to diversity, equality and softness.


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