Silent by Johanna Simon-Deblon

Johanna Simon-Deblon is young photographer based in France. This is a series Johanna composed with images she made during her three years of studying photography. The initial aim when she started this project was to document what it was like for her to be projected in a new town, far from her own, with new people.

“Also wanted to represent what I called the « silent » part. When you’re far away from home, discovering new landscapes, you can also feel insecure and powerless because it’s not where you belong, no matter how beautiful it is and how nice people are with you. This homesickness is represented by never viewing the face, never recognizing anyone and anything, that’s the point of trouble in this series.  I really wanted to show the mix of feelings I felt and that’s also why I used digital and analog, went from portrait to landscape. To me it’s all about the movement of feelings.”

Instagram: @johanna_simondeblon

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