2021 will be the year of the Aubade man!

This season Aubade gives carte blanche to Baptise Giabiconi for the creation of the Men’s collection. In this exclusive line, a new shape is born: The trunk! For Baptiste Giabiconi, as for the brand, this collaboration is obvious. The same spirit, the same desires. He perfectly embodies the Aubade man.


www.instagram.com/aubadeparis // www.instagram.com/baptiste.giabiconi

Men’s underwear has been revamped and is set to unveil its brand new philosophy this season, with a wider range, a new shape, and a special collaboration. The art of tattooing is the unifying theme of the collections; its aesthetic appeal, culture, and infinite designs are the driving force behind this season’s Men’s lines.

Ink scrolls and illustrative, figurative or simple designs form the basis of the new era of men’s collections, each piece featuring the logo on the waistband, either faded or in contrast.
The products will be presented in more streamlined, environmentally-friendly packaging.

This season, Aubade called upon the gold standard in tattooing, the Sang Bleu* studio, to design the patterns for the collection: floral, old-school-style … a very visual range that showcases the body.