Introducing designer Jing Bao. Photography & Post Production by Levin Lee. The model is Huiru Hao signed at Modelwerk. Make Up by Lea Eiselt. As humanity’s knowledge of space grows, so does our potential to uncover more awe-inspiring wonders and enigmas within the vast expanse of the cosmos. The realm of science fiction often depicts outer space as a place teeming with otherworldly beings, exotic vistas, and advanced technologies that currently surpass our comprehension.

Alternatively, space could be a desolate and unforgiving place, where our protagonist embarks on an epic quest to survive against all odds. Regardless of the narrative, the notion of exploring the vast unknown of space captivates the imagination and inspires us to push the boundaries of our understanding of the universe.

About The Fashion Designer Jing Bao

“My name is Jing Bao, come from China. Now I am studying fashion design at FDI in Germany. Becoming a fashion designer has been my dream since childhood. In the future, I hope to become a fashion designer full of innovative spirit. I am trying to qualify myself to become a unique combination of classic and modern styles and pay more attention to details and crafts.
I like to observe everything around me and draw inspiration from art, culture, nature and many other sources. I would like to struggle hard to achieve my professional.

I have a great passion for fashion. I hope to make friends with fashion lovers all over the world.”

Photography & Post Production by Levin Lee / Instagram: @levinlee_
Model is Huiru Hao signed at Modelwerk / Instagram: @huiru.hao
Make Up by Lea Eiselt / Instagram: @leae.makeup
Fashion Designer is Jing Bao / Instagram: @blueberry.jing.bao
The photography Assistant is Victoria Li / Instagram: @imvictoriali