KALTBLUT on tour: London! Powered by ME by Meliá

The last time I was in London was for sure more than 3 years ago, so when the opportunity of a three-day trip presented itself, I said yes right away — Plus, who knows, maybe I’ll get the chance to spot the new Royal baby.

DAY 1: I set the alarm for 4 am, flew out at 6, arrived at Gatwick, a one hour and a half drive later I made it to the city center and finally arrived at the Me_London hotel at 1 pm just in time for lunch. Now, the truth is, usually when I travel I always Airbnb, just because it’s cheap, and I like being in a house, also I’m quite the frugal traveler so you know, it suits me. Well, this time I was invited to stay at the Me_london hotel and that was Heaven. The first thing that I noticed when we arrived was the little art exhibition they had in the lobby – I found the selection actually quite relevant, unlike some of the LOOK–AT–ME–HUGE–PAINTINGS that you usually see in hotels and restaurants.

Me from the back watching artworks in the Lobby
Fei Alexeli – Cactus and universe within
Fei Alexeli – CLoser to the sun

AND THE SMELL, seriously this hotel smells so good, like everywhere. I later learned that they actually have their own scent, which I find very clever. Anyway. Enough smelling, I’m starving and it’s perfect because just before we got ready to visit the TATE Modern, lunch was already set up on the rooftop of the hotel. OKAY Y’ALL >> the view of London and this Lobster sandwich just snatched my wig _ Done for the day! Seriously. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten to see the city like this: BEAUTIFUL.

The infamous Lobster sandwich
A bit of the view ( minus the sun , we’re in London y’all)
A professional view of the terrasse

Enough talking, we are on our way to a private tour of the Tate Modern. How cool, I usually don’t like tours, but this woman was so passionate about everything, it was fantastic. Also, we got to visit the „new“ part of the Tate, which I didn’t know about, and we got to see some outstanding art. My faves were: Rebecca Horn, Douglas Gordon, Jenny Holzer, The infamous Duchamp’s pissoir, Cildo Meireles, and of course the Guerrilla Girls. I bought myself a little present because after all, it’s always nice once in a while to treat yourself.

Marcel Duchamp’s pissoir
Jenny Holzer
Jenny Holzer
Guerrilla Girls
Rebecca Horn
Rebecca Horn

SPEAKING OF, we’re out of the museum, time to enjoy some wine and cheese next to the Borough Market at Bedales Wine (oh you better get used to it, I’m gonna talk about food and drinks a lot – that’s why I got a little belly going on in every picture)
Delicious .. and 2 bottles later, we’re back in the hotel because it’s time to get ready for .. DINNER! So no rooftop this time, instead a dining room that looks like a neon cocktail bar – very futuristic. Anyway, the only thing I remember about that night – aside from the Sauvignon Blanc, Truffle Mac & Cheese and beer – is that I collapsed heavily into bed and had a lot of nightmares.

Professional picture of the Dining room
Delicious food part one
Delicious food part two feat. Truffle Mac & Cheese
View on Akten installation “Deep Meditation”

DAY 2:

8 am: One-hour massage in my room to start the day ( I know–you hate me, oh well > Smiling smiley ). After a very rich breakfast that was devoured in a room that literally looks like a mini jungle, we’re off to Liverpool Street to experience a special Tour >> The unexpected London Tour >>  First things first: I was totally in love with our guide and knew for sure that we’d have a good time. And indeed, that turned out to be pretty great: we enjoyed a historic and Street art tour of the district, and OF COURSE, we stopped for food >> We got these bagels at this 24-hour bakery known for traditional Jewish-style filled bagels such as salt beef and smoked salmon (Beigel Bake). I never saw so many street art pieces in such a short period of time, from Banksy to Zabou, all really amazing.

Breakfast room
Beigel Bake

Back to the hotel, with just enough time to enjoy a shower (OMG THE SHOWER >> sorry I don’t have any pictures of this, but I swear, next level). I needed to get prepared to meet José Luis de Vicente, curator of the Sonar + D festival. He’s now in London for this conference: „Voices of Sonar+D for Me by Melia“. Interview coming soon – Stay tuned!!

The talk was with Robin McNicholas, one of the founders of the acclaimed study Marshmallow Laser Feast, pioneers in the creation of experiential content for virtual reality, performance, and installations. It definitely made me want to go to Sónar this year.

After the talk, we were able to exclusively experience the immersive installation “Deep Meditations” from digital artist Memo Akten. In July this installation will move to Sónar+D in Barcelona and will be presented by ME by Meliá. – Which is by the way free, even if you’re not a client of the hotel (seriously it really is worth it).

Me posing (very poorly) in front of “Deep Meditations”
View on Akten installation “Deep Meditations”
Akten “Deep Meditations”
Me making an Insta story I guess ( also follow me: @nicolas_simoneau)

And everything that happened next is blurry -including, Sancerre dinner, party with the Sonar crew, and me trying to open the wrong door.

DAY 3: An hour for breakfast (YUUUMMMY) and I finally got to taste the royal eggs (poached eggs with salmon >> GURL BYE), then we were already on our way back to the airport. Seriously Me_London was great, if you want to chill, be well-taken care off, be right in the center of the city, have an incredible experience, I totally recommend it. On the other hand, SEE YA’LL AT SONAR I guess. BISOU!

Playing hide and seek in the hotel
Posing in front of the restaurant
In the lobby
Being F.A.B


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