Bloc Party by Alexandra Howard

4 Tips to Have the Perfect Concert Experience

Is your favourite artist or band coming in town? Would you like to attend their concert?

Of course, you would! Right? Well, if you want to make the most out of your experience, or shall we say the “Perfect Concert Experience.” We have a few things you should mind!

1. Your Dress

Deciding what to wear at a concert is not easy. When it comes to an outdoor concert, you should focus on practical fashion. Consider the time of day, weather and type of concert. Yes, you need sunglasses and a cap if you are attending during the day. If you plan to attend during the night, you better take a jacket or overcoat.

Plus, you can’t wear the same clothes on a rock and pop concert. Show some respect to the music you listen. There is a rulebook you should follow when attending a concert by music type or even artist. If you still don’t get a clue where to start from, you should search the internet for concert dress ideas. There are a ton of ideas for your inspiration.

2. Seating Views

Before you buy the tickets to an event, you need to study the types of seating views. Music festivals have general submission only. However, Opium Club venues offer reserve seating options. These venues offer a wide variety of seating options, even close to the state proximity.

If you want something more encompassing of the performance stage and audience, the club can accommodate you.  Also, note the ticket quantity and price for every seating view, it’s helpful especially when you go as a group. Once you have done your research, and picked a seat view, buy the tickets.

3. Check the Setlist

Everyone has their preferences when it comes to the setlist. The fact is, not everyone wants to know what song is coming next, or what they should expect to play. It ruins the surprise. But if you want to see the setlist, then you should check with your artist.

Many artists make their performance unique every time and offer information about their major tours. The venue can’t help you with this.

4. Photography

It’s obvious you are going to take some snaps and selfies at the event. The issue is, most concerts don’t offer the ideal elements for a great photoshoot. But you can try and capture a few decent snaps.

taken from Berlin Diaries: Bloc Party

Start with boosting the ISO; the image will be a bit noisy, but it will do. If the snaps are too noisy, then use Black and White Filter, it will be great. Correct exposure is very important, so mind the right parameters for different lights.

The flash won’t help, it’s just a nuisance. So, turn it off. Semi-auto or automatic mode won’t help. 

Enjoy the Show

It’s a common human error; we get too lost in detail that we forget to enjoy life itself. So, focus on the performance and enjoy yourself. These details are meant to improve your experience, not deviate you from the event itself.