Michael J. Hildebrand

5 queer artists you need to follow on Instagram

We’ve put together a list of some of our favourite queer artists and illustrators on Instagram. Let’s learn more about sexual fluidity and gender inclusivity through the medium of art – and simply celebrate diversity! Some of these brilliant artists have worked with celebrities and appeared on magazine covers, while others are a bit lesser-known. But one thing they all have in common is their phenomenal work across a number of mediums, from painting to photography. 

Michael J. Hildebrand

Brooklyn-based graphic designer and illustrator Michael J. Hildebrand makes amazing paintings that depict the delicacy of romantic relationships between queer men. By painting the emotional side of men, his works tell us that it’s okay to be both a sensitive and unapologetic person, queer or not.


If you’re looking for queer artists that do more than just illustrations and paintings, check out Vulvaluv. Based in Montreal, Brie Birdsell from Vulvaluv creates lovely yonic art for all the ladies! From jewellery to vulva costumes, she will impress people with her textile skills.

Mohammed Fayaz

You may have seen @brohammed‘s artwork on posters for a wide variety of events because they’re a refreshing example of what event marketing should look like. Fayaz’s work is memorable and necessary, now and forever.

Ryan McGinley

Varner‘s work provides a glimpse of the world of a gay Hapa, but that’s not all. Varner is adept at illustrating intimate moments with hilarity and sincerity.