KALTBLUT presents 5777 ISOLATION COLLECTION! Photography by David Havrony. Artistic Director is Aner Sheva. Original artwork by illustrator Nadav ‘Machete’ Yahel. Models are Star Walker, Liel Fibak.

The infamous Coronavirus caught the fashion industry with our pants down. We were sentenced to halt completely while changing to spring-summer collections. 

We had to move into isolation mode, in that period of time when people were consuming fashion mainly through their pyjamas – I stopped all my brand’s activities and shut the lights in my studio for a month. Only when I realised that the design industry must react somehow to this surreal reality and with the encouragement of a friend – photographer David Havrony I regained back my mojo to recreate 5777’s Isolation SS collection. A Head&Wear collection that features Illustrator’s Nadav ‘Machette’s original Corona inspired silk-printed images, hats, masks and escapism. Made in TLV” *aner5777

Photographer – David Havrony / www.davidhavrony.com / Instagram – @davidhavrony
Artistic Director – Aner Shevah / www.aner5777.com / Instagram – @aner5777
Original artwork by illustrator Nadav ‘Machete’ Yahel / nadavmachete.com / Instagram – @nadav_machete
Star Walker (male) / Instagram – @star.wallker
Liel Fibak (female) / Instagram – @lielfibak
(both models are independent – * unsigned models )
® All rights reserved to – aner5777